Fabric Softener


Description: A gentle fabric softener used with softening of clothes

Packaging Sizes: 5L (51052), 25L (51051)

Product code: LN74



FABRIC SOFTENER LN74 is a gentle fabric softener which restores freshness and softness to all types of fabrics. It also eliminates static cling and makes ironing easier. It contains a fresh perfume and an optical brightener


Small Wash: Never pour undiluted onto clothes. Premix with water first (50:50) before adding to the deep rinse cycle. Do not mix with bleach or other products. Do not add to discoloured water.

Machine Wash: Add 60 ml of Fabric Softener to the final rinse water.

Hand Washing:  Add 30 ml to the final rinse per basin of water.

 Large Wash: FABRIC SOFTENER LN74 should be used in the final rinse of the wash program. Premix with water (50:50) is recommended before using, as product is thick.

Optimum results are obtained if the rinse temperature is above 30OC.

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