Description: Chlorinated, alkaline dishwashing machine powder

Packaging Sizes: 2kg (50720), 5kg (50723)

Product code: PB111


AQUARIUS PB111 – High Performance, Chlorinated, Dishwashing Machine Powder

Aquarius is a premium quality, chlorinated dishwashing powder, designed for use in all types of domestic and commercial dish washers. Aquarius soil cutting power rapidly penetrates and dislodges all soils commonly found on dishes, cutlery and glassware. Aquarius contains chlorine to rapidly remove tea and coffee stains from cups and leave dishes, cutlery and glassware hygienically clean.


DOMESTIC DISHWASHERS: Aquarius PB111 should be added to the wash by the dishwasher manufacturer’s recommendations

COMMERCIAL DISHWASHERS: Aquarius PB111 should be added directly to the dishwasher wash tank after initial fill, the amount added will depend upon size of the wash tank, but generally 0.2% to 1% (often ¼ to ½ a cup) of wash tank volume will be sufficient, use a replenishing amount of 10% (about 1 table spoon) of initial dose to every 4th wash there after

To achieve optimum results Advance recommends that Rinse Aid LN102 is added to the rinse stage of the dishwashing cycle.

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