Grill Supreme


Description: Caustic grill/oven cleaner

Packaging Sizes: 5L (51138), 25L (51137)

Product code: LC305


GRILL SUPREME LC305 is a powerful caustic cleaner for ovens, cooking ranges, hot plates and deep fryers. GRILL SUPREME’s powerful formulation allows it to remove all the most stubborn baked on fats and oils. GRILL SUPREME LC305 finds applications in food processing plants, commercial kitchens and food preparation areas.  It will not form fine aerosol mists when used in a trigger sprayer.


  1. To rapidly wet, penetrate and degrade proteinaceous soils, fats, oils, greases and other soils commonly found in the food processing, hospitality and allied industries.
  2. To remove baked on soils.
  3. To suspended dislodged soils, thereby increasing the efficiency of subsequent rinsing operations.
  4. To leave no residual odours.
  5. To not form fine aerosols when sprayed with a trigger sprayer.


GRILL SUPREME LC305 can be applied liberally by atomiser to ovens and grills. For best results pre-heat the surface to be cleaned to approximately 50 degrees.

Once GRILL SUPREME LC305 has been applied, allow it to remain in contact for about 5-10 minutes then agitate with a damp cloth, scourer pad or nylon brush. Use non scratch scourers on stainless steel surfaces. Then rinse all surfaces with clean water. After cleaning, it is advisable to heat your oven up to 90-100 degrees with the door open to remove any trace of solvent. 


WARNING – THIS PRODUCT IS CAUSTIC. AVOID CONTACT WITH THE SKIN AND EYES. Wear gloves, eyeshield and protective clothing when using this product or its solutions.

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