Pink Pearl Foamer

Description: High foaming toilet soap

Product code: 4 x 800mL pouches in a carton (53078)

Product code: LN1556



PINK PEARL FOAMER LN1556 is a lotionised hand cleaner containing skin softener and pleasant perfume. PINK PEARL FOAMER LN1556 powerful cleaning action will remove all soils normally encountered, while its near neutral pH and carefully selected skin conditioners leave hands feeling soft and supple. This factor is of particular importance when rigorous and frequent washing is demanded by stringent hygiene and quality control programs. PINK PEARL FOAMER LN1556 works because personnel will want to wash their hands as it leaves great feeling hands giving personal a pleasant and positive experience.


PINK PEARL FOAMER LN1556 is economical as each pouch will deliver 1300 wash’s, which equates to approx 320 washes for traditional liquid dispensers

PINK PEARL FOAMER LN1556 is suitable for use through ADVANCE CHEMICALS FOAM  type dispensers, contact a representative more information

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 29 × 20 × 15 cm

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