Avalanche A

Description: Water-based bitumen release agent

Packaging Sizes: 1000L IBC (56157)

Product code: LN1913


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AVALANCHE A LN1913 is water based bitumen release agent for use on trucks and equipment. It is effective against both regular and modified grades of bitumen.
AVALANCHE A LN1913 operates by leaving a bitumen repellant polymer coating on metal acting as a barrier between the truck bed and asphalt. Because of the high melting point the polymer is not easily displaced like liquid coatings. The polymer is insoluble in asphalt so it works equally as well on normal asphalt and polymer modified grades. This is not the case with solvent based release agents which have more difficulty with polymer based asphalts.
AVALANCHE A LN1913 is effective on lengthy trips and in cold weather. It can remain effective when multiple drops are made from the one load. It is a non solvent for bitumen so will not soften, weaken or degrade the asphalt which can result in potholes. It will preferentially adhere to the truck bed rather than the asphalt.


Water-based bitumen release agent