Description: A versitile caustic/alkaline degreaser

Packaging Sizes: 5L (51211), 25L (51210), 205L (51209)

Product code: LC622



LCD LC622 is a versatile, high performance, free rinsing alkaline detergent complex formulated for the removal of fats, greases and oils of animal, vegetable or mineral origin. It finds application in food processing plants, commercial kitchens, food preparation areas, metal degreasing and the automotive industry.


  1. To rapidly wet, penetrate and degrade proteinaceous soils, fats, oils, greases and other soils commonly found in the food processing, hospitality, engineering, automotive and allied industries.
  2. To be safe for use on all hard inert surfaces at recommended dilutions.
    1. To maintain its high performance characteristics when used in hard water.
  3. To suspend dislodged soils, thereby increasing the efficiency of subsequent rinsing operations.
  4. To leave no residual odours.
  5. To contain only biodegradable surfactants.


LCD LC622 can be applied by high pressure washer, foaming or manual swabbing/scrubbing. 

LCD LC622 is recommended for use on all metal, hard synthetic and good quality painted surfaces within food processing plants, commercial kitchens and food preparation areas. Care must be taken however to avoid prolonged contact of undiluted LCD LC622 with aluminium and zinc surfaces.

The versatility of LCD LC622 means that one product can be used to clean walls, floors and equipment.


Foaming 1 – 3% at foamer discharge ambient
High Pressure Wash 0.5 – 1% at nozzle ambient to 80OC
Low Pressure Wash
(followed by high pressure water spray)
10 – 30% ambient
Immersion 0.5% to 2% in a tub ambient to 80OC
Manual scrubbing 0.5% to 4% in bucket ambient to 80OC
Floor cleaning     (mop and bucket) 0.5% to 4%  in bucket ambient to 80OC
Floor cleaning     (automatic scrubber)    1% to 20%  in detergent tank ambient to 80OC
Spray and Wipe   2% to 10% through hand sprayer ambient

FOAMING: Apply foam with suitable foaming equipment and allow foam to remain in contact with the surface for 15 to 30 minutes.

Manually scrub all areas to dislodge tenacious soils. Rinse immediately with potable water.

HIGH PRESSURE WASHING: Set equipment to achieve required concentration at discharge.

Apply to the surface to be cleaned and then pressure rinse thoroughly with potable water.

 HAND SCRUBBING: Make up a solution of LCD LC622 in bucket.

Apply to surface with scourer or brush and manually scrub all areas while providing sufficient agitation to dislodge tenacious soils.

Rinse immediately with potable water.

 FLOOR CLEANING (MOP AND BUCKET): LCD LC622 is safe to use on concrete, tiles, terracotta, slate and vinyl floor coverings.

Make up a solution of LCD LC622 in a plastic or galvanized bucket.

Apply to surface with mop and rinse.

 FLOOR CLEANING (AUTOMATIC SCRUBBERS): When used in automatic scrubbers use according to the manufacturer’s instructions – Use at concentration: 1% (1:100) to 20% (1:5)

 SPRAY AND WIPE: When diluted LCD LC622 is suitable for use as spray and wipe cleaner for metal, laminated and painted surfaces.

When used in this manner LCD LC622 works wonders on greasy canopies, fan covers and filters.

Dilute product in handsprayer to 2% to 10% and apply to surface to be cleaned. Allow several seconds contact before wiping with a clean sponge or scour pad. Rinse if necessary.


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