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End of Year Closure – 2018/2019

Advance Chemicals will be shutting down for the end of year holiday period. Our last day open will be Thursday 20th December. We request orders for delivery to be placed by Monday 17th December. This ensures the goods required can be supplied by our last day....

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Nautilus LB769

Nautilus LB769 has been formulated as a high performance, universal cleaner. Being a blend of detergents, alkaline salts and solvents, this water based product helps clean and degrease surfaces. It also has the ability to remove light carbon build up, such as smoke...

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Hand Cleaners – Which one is best to use?

Advance Chemicals has a range of liquid hand soaps, to suit homes, offices, kitchens and work sites. The variety made helps meet customer's needs for using in the bathrooms, to sanitise or to help remove that extra dirt and grime that may build up when working outside...

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Product Range Updates (July 2018)

Advance Chemicals has been busy of late formulating and updating some of our product range over the last couple months. This work has given rise to four new products we have added to our online range. New Product Range:   Chloroclean A LC1766 Chloroclean A LC1766...

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Agriculture – Which products to use?

Advance Chemicals provide a range of products that have been designed with the agriculture industry in mind. We have looked at different sections of the industry for effective growth, harvesting and processing of fresh goods. Growth Advance chemicals has an APVMA...

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Accessories and Paper Goods

Our main focus at Advance Chemicals is to give our customer a wide range of chemical solutions to their cleaning and work needs. However, we do stock a wide range of accessories and paper goods to give that extra support a client may need when placing an order....

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Closed Loop Dispensing System

With safety issues around chemical handling being an issue in some workplaces, Advance Chemicals has created a range to limit exposure. By using a 'Closed Loop System', where a chemical bottle is connected to and dispensed through a pump, there is a reduced risk to...

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Brightwell Pouch Dispenser System

In some industries, there is a requirement (or necessity) for a dispensing system for soaps and cleaning chemicals. With this in mind, we have developed certain products to run through a special dispense with fitted pouches. Some pouches are designed to dispense a...

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Adcip PB1242 vs Adcip PB1770

Advance Chemicals have formulated a new version of our Adcip PB1242, which we have called Adcip PB1770. This product has been designed with potassium based salts, over the sodium based salts in our PB1242. While these potassium based salts do leave the PB1770 as a...

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Paint Strippers – Which one is best?

Stripping paint off of surfaces can be a difficult task without the right products. While most paints come off with standard a paint stripper, specific coatings can be a lot more difficult to remove. Advance Chemicals produce a range of paint stripping products. These...

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We’re now on Facebook

Just wanting to announce Advance Chemicals has a Facebook page which we hope to announce new product lines on, or just show off some of our products in a little more detail. You can find our Facebook page here, so follow us and see what products we're updating or...

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How to read a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

What is a Safety Data Sheet?  A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is a document that provides detailed information about a chemical (both hazardous and not), including:the identity of the chemical product and its general ingredients the hazards of the chemical relating to...

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Sanitisers are a chemical used in the process of cleaning a surface to reduce the number of bacteria and micro-organisms to a save level. Unlike cleaning, which involves removing of grease/food/soils from a surface or object, sanitising relates directly to the...

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CIP Cleaners

CIP cleaning (standing for Clean-In-Place) is a method of cleaning used in processing equipment for pipes, tanks and vessels without any need to disassemble to clean or sanitise the interior surfaces. Using a mixture of water, CIP cleaning chemicals and in some cases,...

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A degreaser is used for the removal oils, grease or other compounds that are unable to dissolve easily in water, from various surfaces. Often these use a caustic, strongly alkaline or water soluble solvent based chemicals. The degreasing compounds utilised in a...

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