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Products to help with growth of some fruits and production of oxygenated sanitisers to help clean without the worry of chemical disposal.


A wide range of cleaning products designed for use in the bathroom, floor care, kitchens , laundry, pool chemicals and general cleaning supplies.


Designed for use as general food and beverage cleaning and maintenance products, as well as industry specific products for the Dairy/Cheese, Meat, Fruits/Vegetables and Wine industries. A range of C.I.P. cleaners, sanitisers, metal surface cleaners and descalers have been formulated for the best results, as well as a range of food grade lubricants and foaming agents.


A variety of products, used and packaged for the convenience of the Health & Fitness, Aged Care and Child Care industries. Products for the bathroom, kitchen, laundry and general housekeeping have been made available in sizing that allows for saving space and quick access in busy workplaces. For Protective Care, a range of laundry goods are provided to help with the efficient washing of garments.


Cafes and restaurants need an assortment of products to keep their kitchens and dining areas clean and free from the risk of bacteria. We supply sanitisers, disinfectants as well as a range of cleaning goods to help make these issues less of a hassle. Hotels have the added need for room cleaning, which a range of products are available for all different surfaces.


From different cleaners and solvents, to release agents, we supply plenty of products to help with all industrial problems. Feel free to ask if you have any issues or queries regarding specific treatments, to help get the perfect product for your needs.


Providing a variety of cleaners, strippers and coatings for the treatment of different metals, as well as lubricants to help keep things smooth.


A variety of Australia and New Zealand standard chemicals used for the development and testing of laundry and dishwashing whitegoods.


Car and truck care has pushed for a development of both exterior and interior cleaning products, as well as degreasers and restorers, to keep fleets and personal vehicles in good condition.