Adcip PB1242 vs Adcip PB1770 – Which is Better For You?

Advance Chemicals have formulated a new version of our Adcip PB1242, which we have called Adcip PB1770. This product has been designed with potassium based salts, over the sodium based salts in our PB1242. While these potassium based salts do leave the PB1770 as a more expensive product, it has been designed with environmental and efficiency concerns in mind.

Salt content in waterways

There is concerns of rising salt contents in river systems and waste waters that may be released back into the waterways. Some companies are now opting to use a potassium-based cleaner over sodium-based products. Potassium salts are generally more expensive, but with sodium salts levels rising in waterways, there is less of an issue with increasing this further while still having an effective cleaner. This was one of the big pushes to create our Adcip PB1770. This gives companies that alternative product to use, if they are affected or concerned by this environmental issue.

Solubility and cleaning

An added benefit to using a potassium salt-based product is it’s ability to dissolve at a faster rate. This is an added benefit of the Adcip PB1770 over the Adcip PB1242, both being a powder. When being poured into a tank system ready to be washed out, the quicker it dissolves, the less chance there is of clumping.
The overall difference in cleaning power of each product is very similar when removing tartrates found on tank walls. When using the potassium-based PB1770, there is an added benefit of the membranes generally needs to be cleaned less often than when using a sodium-based PB1242. With membranes needing to be cleaned less, the overall time saved can be more cost effective.

For sizing and SDS on each of these products, see below. For more product information on each, feel free to contact us
Adcip PB1242
Adcip PB1770