CIP Cleaning

CIP cleaning (standing for Clean-In-Place) is a method of cleaning used in processing equipment for pipes, tanks and vessels without any need to disassemble to clean or sanitise the interior surfaces. Using a mixture of water, CIP cleaning chemicals and in some cases, heat, the mixtures can be ran through the closed systems to help remove excess fats, proteins or scale that build up internally.

We stock a range of CIP cleaning formulations, to give the best clean for what is needed. These products include:

  • Adbrite LA827 – An acidic detergent with CIP applications, used as a descaler and deruster. This helps for build-up of milkstone and other hard water scale.
  • Adcip LC777A chlorinated, caustic CIP cleaner and sanitiser, this has been formulated to remove a range of fats, oils and protein soils, while the added chlorine allows to also sanitise these surfaces. This is a low-foaming product, maximising the contact of the CIP solution through the closed system.
  • Adcip LC835A concentrated, low-foaming, caustic CIP cleaner, used for the removal of fats, oils and protein soils.
  • Adcip LB851A heavy duty, alkaline CIP cleaner. A non-caustic formulation, for the removal of fats, oils and proteins, but also to be safe on aluminium surfaces.
  • Adcip PB1242A non-hazardous, powdered alkaline CIP cleaner, designed as a non-caustic cleaner for wineries in their tanks. This is a low foaming product, formulated to be powerful, yet economical, for removal of tartrates, red wine stains, protein deposits and organic soils.
  • Adcip LB142LA concentrated, liquid version of the Adcip PB1242. This non-caustic liquid is used for the removal of tartrates, red wine stains, protein deposits and organic soils.

Factors for effectiveness of CIP cleaning

Each of the three following factors can be used together to get right balance for the best clean possible. With our products, we do recommend for each of these which is the best ranges to be used between:

  1. Temperature – Increasing the temperature of the CIP cleaning solution will increase is efficiency of dirt removal, needing less time than a cooler temperature.
  2. Concentration – a higher concentration of the CIP cleaning chemical gives an increased amount of the active cleaning properties, allowing for a more effective clean.
  3. Contact time – The more time the CIP cleaning solution has in contact with the soils on the dirty surface, the more chance there is for the chemicals to help break down more stubborn build ups.