A Degreaser – The Key to Removing Oil and Grease

A degreaser is a product used for the removal oils, grease or similar compounds. These compounds are unable to dissolve easily in water from various surfaces. Often these use a caustic, strongly alkaline or water soluble solvent based chemical for their active ingredients.

The degreasing compounds picked for a formula can depend on which surface it is used on. For example, caustic based degreasers may damage certain metal surfaces, or some solvents may not be good for certain plastics or rubber. The type of insoluble soil to be removed also makes some degreasers better than others.

We have formulated a wide range of degreasing chemicals for all these needs.

  • Cold Dip LS846 – A degreaser, decarboniser and paint stripper, this product is used in cold dip tanks. Cold Dip LS846 is generally used in the automotive industry. This has been designed to rapidly remove carbonised oils and greases, as well as remove paint, at ambient temperatures.
  • Degreasolve LS6 – A solvent degreaser, formulated for use on heavy mineral oils, grease and light carbon build-up. This product has been designed to be wiped away, or can be washed off with water, emulsifying the greasy soil load with it.
  • Fast Clean LS12 – A fast evaporating solvent degreaser and is used to remove oil and grease from metallic parts before being wiped off.
  • Fast Ultra LS1601 – A fast evaporating solvent degreaser, similar to our Fast Clean LS12, but with a lower odour. This is used to remove oil and grease from metallic parts before being wiped off.
  • LCD LC622 – A water based product with caustic added to degrease. LCD LC622 can be used with pressure washing, mopping or scrubbing. This product is commonly used in the hospitality, automotive and engineering industries.
  • Nautilus LB769 – A water based product with a solvent degreaser, formulated as high foaming product to be used with pressure washing, mopping or manual scrubbing. Nautilus LB769 is great at removing fats, oils, grease and carbon buildup found in the automotive, hospitality and manufacturing industries.
  • Panther LB879 – A water based detergent using a mix of alkaline salts and a solvent degreaser. This blend help remove greases, oils and soil loads. Panther LB879 finds applications in warehouses, automotive and metal industries.

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