Moss/mould growth and how to kill off safely

moss mould buster kill

While using chlorinated bleach products can be a quick way to kill off a moss, algae or mould bloom on a surface, there can be issues with using it. Chlorine has a strong odour and can be an issue with bleaching certain surfaces. There is also the Issue of chlorine not killing off spores that may be left behind after the bloom is cleaned off.

Our Moss & Mould Buster LN1924 is a great alternative, allowing to spray down and forget, letting it kill off the problem. Just mix our concentrate with water and wet over the area you want to kill off and let the product do it’s magic. Within two weeks, our formulation will have the moss/mould/algae dead and flaking away and killing off spores left too. While highly effective outside (roofing, concrete, pavers, fencing), you can also use this indoors for mould issues. As this product doesn’t have bleach, it can be used as a safety measure after a mould cleanup around bathrooms/walls.

How to use

Being a concentrate, mix 1 part of our Moss & Mould Buster LN1924, to 5 parts of water. That would be a ratio of 100mL product to 500mL water. To ensure spores are killed, we suggest spraying a larger area around any moss/algal/mould bloom, to cover everything properly. In some cases of heavy buildups or stubbon re-growth, redo a second treatment of the area. This should take place 2-4 weeks after to make sure everything has been killed off throughly.

Lichens can be more stubborn, than moss or mould. For this, we typically advise to do two treatments, spaced about 15-30 minutes apart. This allows the product to be absorbed into the lichen and start to dry on the suface before re-wetting again. Depending on the lichen present, it may take longer than 2 weeks to fully die off and crumble away.

Unlike chlorine bleach, which can grow weaker over time, our Moss & Mould Buster LN1924 is a stable blend of chemicals. This gives our product a longer shelf life, allowing you to keep it handy for any future moss or mould issues.

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