Nautilus LB769

Nautilus LB769 has been formulated as a high performance, universal cleaner. Being a blend of detergents, alkaline salts and solvents, this water based product helps clean and degrease surfaces. It also has the ability to remove light carbon build up, such as smoke stains or brake dust.

Nautilus LB769 is often used in the automotive and metal industries. However, Nautilus LB769 also can be great to use in commercial kitchens, for commercial cleaners and around the home. Nautilus LB769 has been designed with lower foaming detergents. Doing so allows it to used in floor scrubbing machines or while using a higher pressure water jet.

Nautilus LB769 has a solvent odour to it, due to the solvents inside. However, it is great for a quick and easy cleaner to remove grease and oil build up on floors or vehicles. It is also recommended as a safe way to clean out range hood filters, where smoke and grease build up over time. For this, it is a perfect way to give a kitchen the clean at the end of service.

When used at recommended dilutions, it is safe to use on any hard, inert surfaces. Unlike some degreasers, which use a caustic base to help remove oils, the Nautilus LB769 uses solvents to soften oil. This allows Nautilus LB769 to be safely used on surfaces that may be sensitive to corrosion.

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