New Electronic Gaming Machine Cleaner and Sanitiser

We at Advance Chemicals are excited to introduce two great cleaning products to help you and your staff, which will give confidence, to know that the customer experience in the Gaming venue is safe and sound. 

Gaming Detergent 1565 Clean Ultra and Gaming Sanitiser ADSAN 1856 both are ready-to-use, on surfaces of EGM’s and can be used on tables, chairs, benches, coffee stations, coin cups and ATMs.

It’s a 2 step Hygiene Cleaning plan, your DAY / NIGHT staff will feel confident and be able to put into action all the recommendations.

Developed due to the pandemic, ADSAN 1856, contains a dual Quat Ammonium synergistic disinfectant system to kill a wide range of viruses, bacteria and fungi. It has the ability to kill COVID-19 and the Delta variant. Approved by the TGA Therapeutic Goods Administration. 

Click the link below for more information from the Victorian Government: