Paint Strippers – Which one is best?

Stripping paint off of surfaces can be a difficult task without the right products. While most paints come off with standard a paint stripper, specific coatings can be a lot more difficult to remove. Advance Chemicals produce a range of paint stripping products. These have been made to help meet these different needs to give the best results possible for your desired tasks.


Our Range of Paint Strippers

Paint Stripper Gel GS125 – This is a general purpose paint stripper, with a thin gel consistency, designed for most paints. Our Paint Stripper Gel is formulated to be used on furniture, wood and concrete. This product is strong enough to peel away the paint without damaging the underlying materials. Being a thin gel allows this product to be used by painting onto the surface, or with an airless sprayer for larger areas. The gel consistency allows for a better cling time than a watery liquid. This extra cling time gives our product time for the active compounds to break through and lift the paint. Once done, the surface can be wiped clean, or rinsed off with water.

2 Pack Paint Stripper GS711 – A strengthened version of our Paint Stripper Gel GS125, this formulation was designed for use on acrylic painted and 2 pack powder coated surfaces, often used in the automotive industry. This product is generally recommended to be brushed/rolled onto the area that you desire to remove the paint from.

Paint Stripper LS990 – A thin paint stripper, this product was formulated to be used in dip tanks to remove powder coatings, but can also be used for most other painted surfaces also. Being used in dip tanks, it allows the product to be immersed until paint/coating can be seen to wrinkle. Being a heavy solvent, a water seal needs to be used for this product in a dip tank. Doing this will stop the active components from evaporating, keeping the product at optimum strength. This product, while thin, can also be painted onto a surface to remove paint.

Cold Dip LS846 – This is a product designed as a cold dipping tank solvent, that combines degreasers, decarbonisers and paint stripping compounds to do multiple tanks at the same time. Using this product in a dip tank with a water seal, products can soak until clean and paint free, then remove to rinse clean and be allowed to dry.

For any other questions regarding paint stripping, please feel free to contact our office.