Product Range Updates (July 2018)

Advance Chemicals has been busy of late formulating and updating some of our product range over the last couple months. This work has given rise to four new products we have added to our online range.

New Product Range:
Rust Stain Remover LA1792

Advance Chemical’s Rust Stain Remover LA1792 is a moderately acidic cleaner, designed for the removal of rust stains. While ideal for concrete, Rust Stain Remover LA1792 can also be used on tiles (glazed/unglazed), masonry and stainless steel. Working on most rusted surfaces, this product allows for quick removal of iron-based rust especially well, leaving surfaces clean. On concrete, the Rust stain Remover is designed as safe to use, only reacting with calcium to form an insoluble compound on the surface.

Safe Kleen LS10

The Safe Kleen LS10 is an updated version of one of our early formulations. Being a solvent, it has great degreasing properties to remove grease and tar from metal surfaces. The product has been reformulated to raise the flash point, allowing the product to be reclassed from a Flammable Liquid (class 3 DG), to a Non Dangerous Good. While Safe Kleen LS10 is not considered as flammable, it can be used as a lamp oil for burning. Importantly, this allows Safe Kleen LS10 to have a slower burning time than some oils, and has a much lower odour than other solvents.

Super Slip WB LN1797

Our Super Slip WB LN1797 is an updated version of a previous, solvent-based formula. Advance Chemicals has reformulated this to now be a water based lubricant. By doing so, the Super Slip WB LN1797 can be used in the food packaging industry for lubricating indirect food contact surfaces. Key for using on food packaging conveyor systems, it acts as a lubricant and a release agent on most surfaces. The silicone in the product reduces friction on moving parts and helps prevent rusting.

For more information on these products, or the rest of our range, contact us here