Adcip LB851

Description: Non-caustic, alkaline C.I.P cleaner

Packaging Sizes: 25L (50506)

Product code: LB851


ADCIP LB851 is a liquid heavy duty, alkaline cleaner. It is designed to remove a wide range of fats, oils and protein-based soils from stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium and plastic surfaces.

ADCIP LB851 has applications in food processing plants and allied industries as a C.I.P., spray or immersion cleaner.


  • To rapidly wet, penetrate, degrade and suspend most fats, oils, greases and protein-based soils, commonly found on metal surfaces in the food, transport, engine reconditioning and engineering industries.
  • To be corrosion safe on copper, aluminium and ferrous metals.
  • To emulsify and suspend dislodged soils thereby increasing the efficiency of subsequent rinsing operations.
  • To be low foaming thereby maximising spray ball and nozzle efficiency and eliminating problems with pump cavitation.

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