Sani Hands LS1107


Description: Self-drying, 70% ethanol based sanitising hand gel.

Packaging Sizes: 500mL (52341), 5L (51690), 25L (52537)

Product code: LS1107


SANI HANDS LS1107 is a sanitising liquid gel for hands containing 70% Ethanol.  It is faster and more convenient to use than hand washing. Because the application time of 5 – 10 seconds compared to 1 – 2 minutes for hand washing, staff are more likely to use it often. It is self drying does not require rinsing it eliminates the process of drying hands. The gel incorporates humectants to counteract the skin drying effect of alcohol and skin conditioning agents to give a smooth feel to the skin. It is effective against a wide range of micro organisms. It leaves no harmful residues and is suitable for use within the food and allied industries. Its disinfecting action reduces the possibility of cross infection and provides protection of cuts and abrasions. Its near neutral pH is friendly to skin. This factor is of particular importance when rigorous and frequent sanitising is demanded by stringent hygiene and quality control programs.


Self-drying, ethanol based (70% minimum), sanitising hand gel.

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