Adsan LN1856


Description: This product is a blended quaternary ammonium compound sanitiser for hard and soft surface designed to kill Covid

Packaging Sizes: 5L (54528), 25L (54517)

Product code: LN1856

Safety Data Sheet: 1856 Adsan


ADSAN LN1856 Kills Covid

Hospital Grade Disinfectant Cleaner and Sanitiser

  • A ready to use Disinfectant Sanitiser for santising both porous and non-porous surfaces such as benches, tables, chairs, equipment, floors, walls, touchpoints and fabrics
  • It can be used in the food industry to clean light soil and sanitise non porous contact surfaces
  • It is ideal for rooms, function areas, buses, cinemas and all touch points
  • It is unperfumed in order to protect foodstuffs.
  • It helps prevent odours and mould.
  • Apply by spraying, wiping, immersion or mopping.  Use Neat.
  • Aust L 354692

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