Description: Urinal tablets, or for use with control of moths and silverfish

Packaging Sizes: 4kg (12171), 10kg (12170)

Product code: PO797


SPRUCE INSECTICIDE DEODORANT TABLETS – are recommended for use in urinals and enclosed places for the control of moths, silverfish and their larvae.  

SPRUCE deodorant tablets are environmentally friendly. Paradichlorobenzene, the main constituent, does not accumulate in water treatment plants and outfalls and is safe towards bacteria, fish and sensitive aquatic organisms. It is safe towards people as well. It is non carcinogenic.

Directions for use:

TOILETS & BATHROOMS:  Spread a small number of tablets in urinals and other potential problem areas.

ENCLOSED AREAS:  SPRUCE can be used to destroy moths and silver fish in enclosed areas such as cupboards and wardrobes. Place tablets in small container and leave in the cupboard or wardrobe..


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