Description: Heavy-duty laundry powder for industry and working garments

Packaging Sizes: 20kg (51794)

Product code: PB858


WORKWEAR is a Heavy Duty Laundry Powder for washing greasy garments.

WORKWEAR is formulated to wash out greasy soils from garments. It removes automotive soils and greasy food soils. Cotton and Polyester/Cottons come out cleaner and brighter.

WORKWEAR combines powerful alkaline salts,  biodegradable surfactants, soil suspending agents, water softeners, corrosion inhibitors  and builders to remove most soils  from clothes.

DIRECTIONS: Can be used in hot or cold water. It is normally used at 60-75oC.  Use 100 – 500 gm of  WORKWEAR  per 45 kg of clothes depending on  soiling. A wash cycle of about 10 minutes is typical.


Additional information

Weight 20.3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 41 cm

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