Agriculture – Which products to use?

Advance Chemicals provide a range of products that have been designed with the agriculture industry in mind. We have looked at different sections of the industry for effective growth, harvesting and processing of fresh goods.


Advance chemicals has an APVMA approved product to help with the growth regulation of grapes, prunes and some citrus products. Our Adgibb LS1373 can be applied to the crops to promote more desirable harvesting effects. The Adgibb LS1373 helps reduce creasing in naval and valencia oranges with application at smaller sized fruit. The Adgibb LS1373 also helps delay the rind aging on naval orange, mandarin, grapefruit and lemon crops.

With currant and sultana crops Adgibb LS1373 helps with berry thinning. For fresh sultana vines, Adgibb LS1373 can be used to help with bunch elongation, thinning and berry size. Increasing berry size for Early Madeleine, Perlette and Flame Seedless grapes can also be achieved using the Adgibb LS1373. 

For prune crops, Adgibb LS1373 should be applied to delay harvesting once fruit show approximately 14% soluble solids. By doing so, the delayed maturity will give an increased sugar content, allowing for a higher dry-out ratio.


For the Almond and Olive industry during harvesting, shaker harvesters are used. Advance Chemicals has designed a concentrated Shaker Lube LN1568, to be diluted down for use on shaker head pads. Shaker Lube LN1568 helps reduce ring-barking on crop trees, and is easily sprayed when diluted with water. The Shaker Lube LN1568 is not affected by heat, and does not run off when used at right levels. This gives a good lubrication, helping give lower operating temperatures and less damage to the bark.


During processing of crops, there is a strong need to sanitise both the incoming goods, and the surfaces that may end up with bacterial and soil contamination. Advance Chemicals have a great product to sanitise, while then naturally breaking down to harmless chemicals once used. Our Adoxysan N14 is a concentrated peracetic acid sanitiser. This product is used cold, and is considered a broad spectrum sanitiser against all types of aerobic/anaerobic bacteria, fungi, yeasts, algae and viruses.

Once the product has been diluted and used at the recommended concentrations, it will break down to a mix of water, oxygen and acetic acid (vinegar). These by products mean Adoxysan N14 is biodegradable, leaving no environmental concerns for disposing the used solutions. The Adoxysan N14 can be used to sanitise both fresh cut and processed crops, or as a no-rinse sanitiser on cleaned food contact surfaces. It can also be used to help sanitise areas and drinking water in animal houses, or used in pipe works as a C.I.P. cleaner.

For lubricating conveyor chains, Advance Chemicals also supply Chain Lubricant LN224. Designed to be pH neutral, the Chain Lubricant LN224 is suitable for use around glass and plastic. Highly concentrated, this product only needs a small amount of product to be diluted to go a long way in processing.

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