Tile & Grout LB236 – Making that old grout look new

Your old grout always ends up looking dirty and dark with a build up of dirt over time. Mopping your floors often seems to do little to help, which is where Tile & Grout LB236 comes in handy. Our formulation has been designed to pull out all the dirt and grime, leaving your grout looking new again.

Our Tile & Grout LB236 is a concentrated cleaner and can be used either by mopping, spraying over a surface or through a floor scrubbing machine (for commercial use). Unlike some tile & grout cleaners that use chlorine, our Tile & Grout LB236 uses an ammonia base. This makes it much safer around the edging of tiled floors that may meet carpet, so there is no need to worry about any bleaching on the carpet fibres. Being a concentrate, we suggest mixing with water (200mL product to 1L water).

By spraying or mopping, all that needs to be done it wet the area down that you wish to clean. Leave the product on the floor for up to 10 minutes, so it has time to work it’s magic. For optimal results, after letting it sit on the surface, we recommend using a grout or firm-bristled brush to help agitate any stubborn dirt. As in the video below, you’ll be able to see how quickly the dirt will disappear. Once finished, you can mop over the surface with clean water, or wipe down with a towel (for small areas).

Video of Tile & Grout in action

As seen in this video, our diluted mixture of Tile & Grout LB236 is sprayed on. Even in this short time, with agitation from a grout brush, the grout is brought up clean again.

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