Rainbow LN1669 – Helping your glass shine again

There are plenty of window cleaners for sale on the market. However, they often can end up needing a lot of work to help bring up the glass surface being cleaned back to crystal clear again. Some products will need a lot of buffing, or can leave streaks across the window or mirror.

The sign of a great window cleaner is that ability to have that glass looking bright and sparkling all over again. Our Rainbow LN1669 has been formulated with solvents and cleaning agents to help remove any built up dirt and grime from glass and hard surfaces. The added solvents give this window cleaner the benefit of allowing the surface to dry quickly after use. This feature allows for a streak-free finish, which leaves your glass looking clean and shiny. We recommend our Rainbow LN1669 for use on general glass, mirrors, car windows/windscreens and general hard surfaces (including desks, benches, tables, tiles, laminates and stainless steel).

How to use:

Our Rainbow LN1669 is made up ready to use. Just spray over the surface you wish to clean, then wipe away with a lint free towel or microfibre cloth. For best results with any window cleaners, we recommend using a glass microfibre cloth for wiping down glass and mirrors. Wipe your cloth over the surface in circular motion to help remove any dirt. After wiping down, you can just watch the wet surface quickly dry before your eyes to leave a streak-free finish.

Demonstration Video

We have prepared a short clip of our Rainbow LN1669 in action. This is an external mirrored window, where dust quickly builds up across the surface. With only a quick spray and wipe down, the surface is cleaned and can watch the surface dry in seconds.

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