Accessories and Paper Goods

Our main focus at Advance Chemicals is to give our customer a wide range of chemical solutions to their cleaning and work needs. However, we do stock a wide range of accessories and paper goods to give that extra support a client may need when placing an order.


With our accessories, we buy from three main companies, Edco Products, NAB Marketing and Oates. We deal with these companies to give the best range of quality and cost effectiveness for any job. We try to keep a range of accessories, both general purpose and specialty, to help with most cleaning needs. Sponges, brushes, mops, scourers and wipes are just a few of the type of goods we have a range of. Some of our range of mops and wipes are colour coded for area specific use (bathroom, general, kitchen).

We also stock bathroom specific accessories. Urinal tablets, screens and in-cistern tablets are available to keep this area clean and fresh. For a personal touch, we also stock a range of scented bar soaps, candles, diffusers and air fresheners. These products help bring something special to home and office environments.

Paper goods

We stock a range of paper goods, working mostly with Livi Tissue, to help with our customers needs. Stocking a range of standard toilet papers, jumbo toilet rolls, interleaf hand towels and roll towel, we work with our customers find what they need. We do also keep some stock from Kimberly Clark and Quilton, so if there is a specialty paper from them you may need, feel free to ask.

Garbage Bags

Advance Chemicals works with Maxpak and Tailored Packaging to supply a range of garbage bags to our customers. We keep a range of sizes from 27L all the way up to 240L liners. Sizing from 54L to 240L are all made from a heavy duty plastic to ensure less risk to tearing.

Dispensing systems and bottles

We have a range of chemical dispensing solutions, such as our Closed Loop Systems and Brightwell Pouch Systems. We also stock a refillable Brightwell and other dispensers used for liquid soaps in toilets or around basin areas. A variety of bottles (in both size and shape), with sprayers, taps and caps, are also available to help with storage of the chemicals you use around the home, office or worksite.

If there is something you may need, please feel free to contact us. You can find the best ways to contact here