Got stubborn stains on work clothes?

stains washing laundry

Cleaning out grease and grime from work clothes can be a long and tedious job. Chef uniforms, mechanic overalls and even just industrial grime buildup can take it’s toll. Feel like you’re always soaking garments overnight to try and bring out stains and still not happy with the results? Why don’t you try some of the products from our range to help make those work clothes vibrant again.

What product to use on stains?

We have a wide variety of powders and liquids in our product range, for all your laundry needs. Here are a few of the products we would highly recommend using on those really dirty clothes:

Nappy Wash PB191

Our Nappy Wash PB191 is a good soaker for general laundry stains. Just add your clothes or bedding with this in water and let it soak for an hour or two. You’ll quickly see the dirt and grime pulled out of the fabric in the water and left behind, ready for the washing machine. With a safe oxygen bleach, helping to sanitise without damaging colours, Nappy Wash PB191 is a great addition to your laundry needs.

Pre Wash LB879U

This is our first suggestion for tackling stains on clothes. It’s the perfect pre-treater to use on general stains in your washing. Spray/pour onto the affected area and let it sit for a few minutes before putting in with the rest of your wash. For even faster results, give the stain a firm rub to agitate and help loosen up before adding to the wash. Often just from rubbing the stain, you’ll see it lifting out and leave the clean fabric behind. There is a pleasant orange fragrance in our Pre Wash LB879U, helping with that fresh small after your wash.

Workwear PB858

Workwear PB858 is designed for more heavy-duty clothes that need washing. Perfect for use at home, or in commercial laundries, this product has been formulated for heavily soiled and greasy clothing. Workwear PB858 is popular with laundries that deal with cooking uniforms and teatowels, or for greasy mechanic overalls. You would use Workwear PB858 instead of a standard laundry powder, and gives best results in warm water to draw out those heavy stains.

Grease Release LS437

This is a solvent product and always the next step for grease and oil stains on clothing. Grease Release LS437 is great product for removing both natural and synthetic fats, greases or oils out of fabric. Use on smaller spot stains, or to help give a wash a further boost (pairing with our Workwear PB858 for a strong clean). You only need to add a small amount to your wash, to help remove that excess grease. With using on stubborn stains, we suggest following the same suggestions as our Pre Wash LB879U.

Please note: Being a solvent, this product mayleave a petrol smell on your clothing fresh out of the washing machine. This will quickly evaporate off while your laundry dries, leaving fresh clothes behind.

For any further questions with your laundry needs, or any other product enquiries you may have, feel free to reach out to us here.