Advance Chemicals Have Acquired and Merged with Quick Smart Products!

Quick Smart Products logo in front of our Advance Chemical warehouse.

About Them? Quick Smart Products has been a manufacturer of quality chemical products since 1961. They manufacture hand cleaners, car and truck wash, engine degreasers, lubricants, specialty oils and radiator products. The Company was located in Tullamarine, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. Advance Chemicals is now moving all operations to our world-class manufacturing facility, based […]

Got stubborn stains on work clothes?

stains washing laundry

Cleaning out grease and grime from work clothes can be a long and tedious job. Chef uniforms, mechanic overalls and even just industrial grime buildup can take it’s toll. Feel like you’re always soaking garments overnight to try and bring out stains and still not happy with the results? Why don’t you try some of […]