Hand Cleaners – Which one is best to use?

Advance Chemicals has a range of liquid hand soaps, to suit homes, offices, kitchens and work sites. The variety made helps meet customer’s needs for using in the bathrooms, to sanitise or to help remove that extra dirt and grime that may build up when working outside or in a factory environment.

What hand soaps are best to use at home?

For most people wanting a soap to use at home, we recommend our Pink Pearl LN772. This is a soft, lotionised hand soap, with a nice perfume, great for washing your hands at any time. Looking for something to get that extra dirt off your skin after being out in the garden? The Citrasoft LN889 is a citrus scented soap with a fine sand to help shift that extra stubborn dirt.

Which soaps should be to use at the work place?

Much like with the Pink Pearl LN772 that is great for home use, both public and office bathrooms benefit from this hand soap. However, if you’re looking for a more economical hand soap, the Thick Liquid Toilet Soap LN50 does wonders. A nice apple scent is left behind after washing with this soap, and without the lotion in the product, is a cheaper alternative to consider. Some workplaces need something more heavy duty for maintenance, outdoor work or factories, Citrasoft LN889 is the go to product. The sand and orange oil helps remove grease, oils and dirt from your skin.

What about Hospitality, Food Preperation and Kitchen Enviroments?

While most soaps can help wash bacteria and bugs away, areas with food preparation and handling are different. Palms LN770 is safe to use in food handing area. Using the Palms LN770 as the main soap in these areas can give you peace of mind. With this in mind, we have also made our Palms Foamer LN1503 for our Brightwell pouch dispensers. These pouches eliminate the need to open and pour from larger bottles, and reduce the risk of a spill. Once empty, the old pouch is easily removed and a new one can be inserted in it’s place. Both of these Brightwell system products are designed for more economical use.

Brightwell Pouch Dispensing Systems

Our Brightwell soap pouch range allow for economical use of soaps, and minimise any risks of spills that may occur. While the Palms Foamer LN1503 was designed with kitchens in mind, our other products have a wider area of use. For some workplaces, Pink Pearl Foamer LN1556 is the perfect product for bathroom use. The foaming design uses less product than the normal liquid variety, while still allowing for a good lather before washing. In some work places, or in care facilities, a hand, hair and body wash may be just what is needed. For this, we designed our 3 in 1 Body Wash LN1575BW to suit the Brightwell systems.

For any other questions regarding your soap needs, feel free to contact us here.