We are Australian Made!

Australian Made Advance Chemicals promotional art.

Advance Chemicals has a wide spread of products and continually review and up-date its products, manufacturing processes and quality management systems. All Advance Chemicals’ products are fully guaranteed, and the company is proud to say that the best technical knowledge is put into the formulation of all of its products. We are an Australian owned company […]

Advance Chemicals Have Acquired and Merged with Quick Smart Products!

Quick Smart Products logo in front of our Advance Chemical warehouse.

About Them? Quick Smart Products has been a manufacturer of quality chemical products since 1961. They manufacture hand cleaners, car and truck wash, engine degreasers, lubricants, specialty oils and radiator products. The Company was located in Tullamarine, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. Advance Chemicals is now moving all operations to our world-class manufacturing facility, based […]

Sanitisers and what type is best for your needs

sanitisers comparison chlorine alcohol quat peracetic peroxide

Sanitisers are a chemical we can use in the process of cleaning a surface to reduce the number of bacteria and micro-organisms to a save level. Unlike cleaning, which involves removing of grease/food/soils from a surface or object, sanitising relates directly to the micro-organisms that may be growing there. Most sanitisers need a cleaned surface […]

Got stubborn stains on work clothes?

stains washing laundry

Cleaning out grease and grime from work clothes can be a long and tedious job. Chef uniforms, mechanic overalls and even just industrial grime buildup can take it’s toll. Feel like you’re always soaking garments overnight to try and bring out stains and still not happy with the results? Why don’t you try some of […]

Moss/mould growth and how to kill off safely

moss mould buster kill

While using chlorinated bleach products can be a quick way to kill off a moss, algae or mould bloom on a surface, there can be issues with using it. Chlorine has a strong odour and can be an issue with bleaching certain surfaces. There is also the Issue of chlorine not killing off spores that […]

Tile & Grout LB236 – Making that old grout look new

Your old grout always ends up looking dirty and dark with a build up of dirt over time. Mopping your floors often seems to do little to help, which is where Tile & Grout LB236 comes in handy. Our formulation has been designed to pull out all the dirt and grime, leaving your grout looking […]

Rainbow LN1669 – Helping your glass shine again

There are plenty of window cleaners for sale on the market. However, they often can end up needing a lot of work to help bring up the glass surface being cleaned back to crystal clear again. Some products will need a lot of buffing, or can leave streaks across the window or mirror. The sign […]

A Degreaser – The Key to Removing Oil and Grease

A degreaser is a product used for the removal oils, grease or similar compounds. These compounds are unable to dissolve easily in water from various surfaces. Often these use a caustic, strongly alkaline or water soluble solvent based chemical for their active ingredients. The degreasing compounds picked for a formula can depend on which surface […]

Nautilus LB769

Nautilus LB769 has been formulated as a high performance, universal cleaner. Being a blend of detergents, alkaline salts and solvents, this water based product helps clean and degrease surfaces. It also has the ability to remove light carbon build up, such as smoke stains or brake dust. Nautilus LB769 is often used in the automotive […]

Hand Cleaners – Which one is best to use?

Advance Chemicals has a range of liquid hand soaps, to suit homes, offices, kitchens and work sites. The variety made helps meet customer’s needs for using in the bathrooms, to sanitise or to help remove that extra dirt and grime that may build up when working outside or in a factory environment. What hand soaps […]

Product Range Updates (July 2018)

Advance Chemicals has been busy of late formulating and updating some of our product range over the last couple months. This work has given rise to four new products we have added to our online range. New Product Range: Rust Stain Remover LA1792 Advance Chemical’s Rust Stain Remover LA1792 is a moderately acidic cleaner, designed […]